Frequently asked questions

How much does my chosen school receive?

£10 per fuel

What happens if I don’t nominate a school?

The school is a mandatory field and must be selected

Can I choose more than one school?

Unfortunately not, you can only select one school per contract

When does the school receive the money?

Schools will receive a cheque from Zenergi at the start of the summer term each year based on how many people have successfully transferred and nominated them as the beneficiary

What happens if the switch is not successful?

If the transfer to your chosen supplier does not complete then the school will not receive any benefit

Who are Zenergi?

Zenergi are a customer service company that specialises in energy for education, and we’re on a mission to do things differently. Our mission is to help schools reach their own definition of Energy Freedom, by designing our services and utility provisions around individual needs resulting in a long term horizon plan we deliver together

Where did the parent power idea come from?

This was a long standing dream of our founder, however it took almost a decade for the energy market to catch up, we launched the concept last year at the ASCL Annual Business Managers conference and received really positive feedback so we are delighted to be able to bring this to you after many years in the making

Does it matter if I am not a parent?

Not at all, grandparents, friends, family… well pretty much everyone is welcome to use the service and nominate a school to benefit.

The more the merrier

How can schools attract more benefit or at least maximise the engagement from parents?

Schools can have a link to the parent power site from the school website. Copy and paste the link below and contact us for a suitable banner image to use.

There is also additional digital support with printable posters and infographics. Simply email the team to ask for what you need:


How many suppliers are searched?

The comparison platform searches 40+ suppliers for the best savings with breakdowns of the old and new rates as a clear comparison.

Do I need to do anything before or after the switch?

We recommend that you check the supplier reviews online before making a switch to make sure you are happy.

It’s also advisable to make sure you are free to leave the current supplier with no exit fees.

The switch is all done by the suppliers and they normally advise when to take a final meter read which is usually communicated by email.

Do I need to register my school for the scheme?

The great news is there is no sign up and no admin for the scheme. It’s open to every school in the country (that’s listed on the gov website). If you can’t see your school in the list, please let the team know by email:

Does the school need to have a specific project for the funding?

Schools do not have to have a project ‘earmarked’ at this stage. Zenergi, the organisers of Parent Power, will contact the school by email, once they have been nominated by PP users, to advise that they will receive a cheque. It’s at this stage schools may want to consider a project to apply this to.

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